Tips for best results with the Coway Juicepresso Cjp-03

  • While the Juicepresso will juice most fruits and vegetables, some work better than others. Items that are harder to juice (such as fibrous fruits and vegetables) may require more frequent cleaning of the juicing components to maintain optimum performance.
  • When juicing, allow enough time for the previous item to clear before putting the next piece in. Loading the hopper too quickly may cause the unit to clog up or produce excess pulp in the juice.
  • Mixing items that are easier to juice (such as soft fruits) with items that are harder to juice (such as leafy greens or fibrous produce) can help to clear the hopper and prevent clogs. Rather than juicing all of one item then all of another, mix up the pieces as you juice.
  • When juicing for extended periods of time or large quantities, it is advisable to rinse the unit periodically by pouring in a jug of water through the hopper when switched on.
  • For a smoother juice consistency with less pulp, feed the juice through the machine a second time.