General Dehumidifier Questions

Dehumidifier isn't drawing enough water/Area is still really humid even when unit is running

If your space/area is extremely humid we recommend that you run the machine on maximum capacity for 2-3 days (as a start) to bring down the humidity level: 

  • Shut all windows/doors to eliminate outdoor humidity
  • Relative Humidity setting at "LAUNDRY" (all three LED will light up when in this mode)
  • Power level at "HIGH" (two LED will light up in this mode) 
  • Ensure that the timer is off (the TIMER led will be off in this mode, you can access this by pressing the button 4 times)
  • To ensure that the unit is running continuously, you will have to plug in the hose to the back of the tank and have it drain out. Otherwise the unit will shut itself off once the tank is full.